What Is the Best Defensive Scheme For a Youth Football Team to Run?

4-4 Defense

I accept the best protection to run for youth football is a 4-4 guard. That implies four protective lineman with four linebackers and three auxiliary players. I would play a cover-3 look behind that with two corners and one wellbeing. The main thing to show youth players is the way to arrange and afterward race to the football and tackle. So keep it as straightforward as possible spotlight on those two things and not convoluted plans. It is an incredible safeguard to stop the run since you start with 8 men in the crate. Against a pass substantial group you can undoubtedly change one of your OLB’s to move back and play 2 protections.

Instructions to Personnel

Guarded Line (Tackles and Ends)

Your will need to put your greater players at cautious handles. Their responsibility is to control their hole and keep the hostile lineman off of within linebackers permitting them to run free and make plays. A great deal of times a protective tackle doesn’t need to make the tackle to be effective. Some of the time simply getting infiltration and causing the running back to change his course is sufficient to wreck the hostile’s arrangements. I like to put taller, quicker children at protective end. In a 4-4 the finishes occupations are to get to the QB or essentially get their hands up and thump down passes. The finishes must be troublemakers too on the grounds that a ton of groups run counter plays where they are pulling the rear gatekeeper to shut the end out. He likewise should be focused with every one of the groups running zone peruses with the QB now. The hostile peruses the end on those plays. He should have the option to peruse his keys and tackle his work. All cautious lineman are run first players. ยูฟ่าเบท365

Inside Linebackers

We call these the Mike (center) and Will (frail side). The Mike is the QB of the guard. This is the thing that Ray Lewis played. He settles on the strength decisions and ensures everybody knows what we are running. He should be your best tackler and adequately extreme to take on lead blockers and still make handles. The Mike and Will are the equivalent positon fundamentally just contrast is the side they line up on and that the Mike is settling on the entirety of the decisions. Both of these folks are run first, downhill players.

Outside Linebackers

We call these the Sam (solid) and Rover. The Sam might be your best by and large cautious player. A great deal of youth groups run a ton of scopes and they run them to the wide side. This is the place where the Sam will be arranged. He ought to be quick and intense and clearly a decent tackler. Your Rover can be a half and half linebacker cut security type. He will do a ton of blitzing and now and then will likewise drop back and play security. In our base protection the external line benefactors are liable for turning the play inside on a scope. They can’t lose control and let a running back get outside of them. They should hand them over to within linbackers. They should take on all blockers with their inside shoulder outwardly shoulder of the blocker. These folks are run first, downhill players moreover.


These folks ought to be astounding cover folks and ought to be the quickest children in your group. They are pass first players.


The wellbeing is the centerfielder of the safeguard. He is pass first and keeps everybody on the field before him. He ought to likewise be a decent tackler since he will be unblocked on running plays and has a decent point to come up and make handles.


We generally call our solidarity to the wide side of the field. We do this when the play is over in light of the fact that such countless groups no cluster now. Our Sam and Mike consistently go to the strength. Our inside linebackers line up 5 yards off the ball over the hostile gatekeepers. Our external linebackers line up 4 yards out and 4 yards off the finishes. We will augment somewhere in the range of second and third collectors if the offense lines up in excursions aside. Our corners and wellbeing are 8-10 yards off the ball.

Pass Responsibilities

Whenever not set in stone that it is a pass play the guarded line’s responsibility is to surge the QB and ideally get a sack. Our base inclusion is cover 3 significance the corners and wellbeing and the profound thirds of the field. Outside linebackers drop to the pads 10-12 yards and crash any recipient they experience. Within linebackers will drop 10-12 yards to the snare zone and work out to twist.


In outline, I figure the main thing for youth players to learn is handling and racing to the football so you should keep your cautious plan basic. In case kids are pondering where to arrange or are confounded on where they pursue the snap they will struggle responding to the football and making a tackle. On the off chance that you can get your children running as a unit to the ball and making plays you will not need to concoct elaborate plans and rushes to stop the contradicting offense. You can add some straightforward rushes with the linebackers as you come. I will discuss those in another article.

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