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What’s in a name? There may be more to a name than many people may think. In most societies around the world and throughout the centuries, the meanings of names have been very important. The modern approach of basically selecting baby names based solely on aesthetic tastes or on the sound of the names is relatively new. Some people do take into consideration the familial connections when choosing names, and it can bring additional significance to a child’s name when it is based on respected ancestors. In many cases, the meanings of names have been lost in time, leaving most people ignorant of their own name meanings, as well as the meanings of the names of others. Now it is easier than ever to research name meanings online, which opens up new possibilities in name selection.

Baby names are serious business. It really is a big decision to assign a name for the rest of a human being’s life. Online name databases are a great resource for learning about the origins, histories, and meanings of names from around the world. In some cases, parents might be caught between choices of baby names in terms of familial significance and aesthetics. To factor in the actual name meaning could clear these debates right up. Knowing name meanings also simply gives parents more options to choose a significant, appropriate name that reflects their values, hopes, and personalities. Forename ประยุทธ์

The origin of names is also potentially important. Some parents may want to find baby names that reflect their family’s ethnic background, country of origins, or religion. Online name databases can be extremely helpful with this because the good ones list hundreds of names from countries throughout Europe, South America, Africa, and Asia. This gives families options that they never had before. They can select the perfect name that reflects their history, faith, and / or allegiances.

In addition to the selection of names for children, online name databases can be very helpful for anyone who needs to select a name for any reason. Pet owners can get great name ideas for their critters, names that have significant meanings, or perhaps even ironic names, like a tiny toy poodle named after a famous mythological warrior. Dog and cat breeds from certain regions of the world can be given names from those places.

Authors really have a lot to gain from these websites. Writers have to come up with names all the time, and many of them fall into the trap of using the same names over and over, or names that have become clichés or stereotypes. Writers who are writing Russian characters, for instance, are going to have to do better than “Vladimir.” There is nothing wrong with that name, of course, but you have to mix it up sometimes. With an online name database, novelists, playwrights, and other writers can find authentic names for characters of practically any background, adding a new level of depth and texture to their work. Merely looking through such a website can be very entertaining and enlightening, and there may be other applications for this information as well.

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