Advanced Frame Inflatable Kayak Review

Advanced Frame Inflatable Kayak Review


If you love Kayaking but don’t have the space for a hard shelled Kayak then an inflatable Kayak will be ideal for your circumstances. Aside from the space saving aspect, the cost of kayak weight capacity inflatable Kayak’s are usually lower than the hard shelled variety.

The Advanced Frame Inflatable Kayak from Advanced Elements is a one seat, soft shelled Kayak. Being a hybrid of an inflatable kayak and a folding frame kayak, it is designed to rival costly hard shell Kayak’s. Whilst this Kayak does have its limitations, it has the advantages of being highly durable and compact.

Here we’ll delve into some of the features of this Kayak to help you determine if you’ll want to take it to the waters or give it a miss.

Features of the Advanced Frame Inflatable Kayak

Quick and easy to set up

Easy to store and transport

Aluminium ribs built-in

Good storage capacity

Includes duffle bag, repair kit, folding seat and owner’s manual

Setting up

Setting up the Kayak is quick and easy, taking about 15 minutes in total. There are 7 chambers which need to be filled. The two main chambers need to be filled up first, and then there are 5 other chambers for the floor, deck lift and skirt combing. A bi-directional hand pump is included to inflate the Kayak.

Easy to store and transport

One of the most appealing aspects of this Kayak, is that it is very easy to deflate and store, making it ideal for storing in the trunk of your car. Despite weighing only 36 pounds, it isn’t too easy to carry, so it’s advisable to park as near to the water as you can before getting it out. It takes approximately 10 minutes to deflate and fits into a small bag after being deflated.

On The Water

On the water, this Kayak is impressively very stable thanks to its wide base. The tracking ability is excellent and it reaches pretty fast speeds due to the aluminium ribs at the front and rear that allo


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