How to Get 360 Waves

How to Get 360 Waves



Do you want to learn how to get 360 waves in your hair? Well here’s how to get started. The first step to getting waves is getting a haircut if needed. You cannot get waves in your hair if you are currently sporting a long hairdo such as an afro, braids, cornrows,  soft wave brushes,  dreadlocks, etc. It is best to start your wave pattern off a fresh haircut.

The next thing to do is visit your local department store and pickup a few supplies. Here are the supplies you should get at the very least.

“Doo rag”, stocking cap, or another type of hair scarf- this is to stop you from messing your pattern up when you sleep. Don’t let all that work go to waste.

Medium or soft hair brush- used to brush the pattern in. I say medium or soft because you don’t want to scalp yourself with a coarse brush.

Hair lotion or moisturizer- used to keep your scalp clean and healthy. Also used in some waving methods to help lay the hair down in the 360 wave pattern.

After you get your supplies, you should wash your hair of any dirt, and begin your moisturizing/brushing schedule depending on your hair type. Some people will find that their hair may need more moisture or brushing than others. There are guides available on the internet to help you find the best combinations for your hair type.


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