Gardening – How to Store Your Own Seeds For Next Year

One of the most terrific things about maintaining your own garden at home is that it is entirely self-renewing. Once you have purchased seeds once, there is no need for you to ever spend money on seeds again. All you need to do is remove seeds from some of your harvested flowers, fruits, and vegetables, and plant these very feminized hemp seeds the next year. Here is your guide to harvesting and storing seeds from your garden to plant the next year:

(1) Start with quality seeds- Yes, it is true that once you have planted a garden, you will never have to buy seeds again. However, you must start somewhere, right? It is integral that when you purchase seeds for the first time, you buy quality heirloom open pollinated seeds. The reason this is so crucial is because most seeds that you buy from a seed catalog or in your local garden store have been hybridized. Hybrid seeds are common because they have been bred in order to possess certain qualities, such as frost resistance in tomatoes. However, if you harvest seeds from the hybrid tomatoes, then plant these seeds, you really don’t know what you will get. Seeds harvested from hybrid tomatoes may grow tomatoes that possess qualities from either parent plant. It is very unlikely that your second year tomatoes will be the same as the first ones. You may end up with a plant that is undesirable, or doesn’t even bear fruit. This is why it is imperative that you begin with heirloom seeds if you intend to harvest seeds from your garden. Seeds from heirloom fruits and vegetables are the only ones worth saving and planting because it is the only way you will end up with plants that are the same as the parent plant.


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