Your Quick Guide To Houses In Salvador

Your Quick Guide To Houses In Salvador


If you are looking for a nice house in Bahia and you want to be in or near the city with the best tourism potential, then houses in Salvador will be your natural starting point. Salvador, the city that always adorns an atmosphere of celebration is also well-known

Salvador Monroy Rodriguez  for its friendly population.

This well-connected port city figures on the itinerary of most tourists to Bahia and this will naturally mean that the houses in Salvador which have great potential for commercial use will always be in high demand.

Salvador is located on a small peninsula that separates the All Saints Bay from the Atlantic Ocean. The international airport receives flights from major cities around the world and the port is a common stop-over for cruise ships. It is also well-connected by air and road to the rest of Brazil.

Why Buy A House In Salvador?

Salvador is the center of economic activity in Bahia and is a major contributor to the GDP growth of the region. It offers a modern cosmopolitan atmosphere and the real estate is highly sought after by buyers in Brazil as well as people from other parts of the world.

Due to the mix of historical attractions, natural beauty and commercial activity, houses in Salvador are excellent for your own personal use, generating rental income, for commercial use or for long-term investment.

Overview Of The Houses In Salvador

Depending upon your purpose and budget, you will find a wide variety of houses in Salvador both within the prime locations of the city and on the outskirts.

Houses are usually duplex or triplex units in gated communities or condos. Being a port city, you will find that most houses are close to the beach or have a nice sea view and houses in some localities have a panoramic view of the All Saints Bay.

Many houses are part of neatly designed, well planned condos. While some condos offer only the very basic facilities like security, other higher end condos often have all facilities including parks and playgrounds.

Being a tourism intensive city, you will find several houses that are ideal for conversion to commercial ventures like restaurants, pousadas, bars or galleries. There are quite a few extra large houses with several rooms which are suitable for conversion into small hotels.

Prices of houses in Salvador can range from as low as $88,500 to just over $1,328,000 depending upon the location, size and facilities. The average price of a house is about $396,000. Let us take a closer look at what you can expect from different budgets.

Houses In Salvador Below $140,000

Most of the houses in this range are located in Stella Maris or St. Kitts. In Stella Maris the houses are located near good beaches and are duplex units offered in nice condos. The built-up area will be around 100 sq. meters and some condos may offer a pool and common garden.

You are likely to get two bedrooms with at least one suite. You can expect some additional features like basic fittings or an extra large terrace with the option of converting it into additional rooms or suites at a later stage.


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