Abortion in Ireland

Abortion in Ireland


As in recent years we know that Ireland is changed entirely. But, when we talk about the rights of women we see that it is still in the dark ages in the north and south of the Border. As Ireland ban on abortion which is caused one of the biggest disputes to women  abortion because many Irish women travel to Europe countries for abortion.

Abortion was forbidden in Ireland in 1861. The “right to life of the unborn” is preserved in the constitution. The Irish Family Planning Association (IFPA) estimates the abortion rate that at least 138,000 women have travelled abroad, mainly to England, since 1980 to get abortions. This abortion rate is much higher, although abortion is restricted in Ireland but still it contains much abortion rate. The women bear higher cost of abortion, like flights charges, transport charges, some women have no cars living in rural areas. Several of the women cannot afford the cost of abortion borrow amount for abortion.

In Ireland and NI has an awfully restrictive law on abortion. This law allows abortion only when the life of the woman is in danger. However, it creates difficult situations to the women when abortion is unavailable in Ireland in almost all circumstances due to vagueness about when a physician may legally perform a life-saving operation. The law also fails to make any provision for a woman who is pregnant as a consequence of rape or incest, experiencing severe fatal abnormality or at risk of permanent bodily harm such as blindness, diabetes, kidney or heart disease. According to the estimations of abortion rate that over 7,000 women travel each year to England for abortions and bear the cost of abortion and other transport expenses from the Ireland. It is difficult to come to know about the abortion rate that is taking place in the Ireland excluding in very dreadful and outstanding situation, we did not hear ever that the abortion procedure or method affect the health of women that suffer from the miscarriages or abortions. However it is not possible to know about the abortion rate of women that bear the cost of abortion outside the Ireland and go other countries in Europe for abortions.

The abortion ban in Ireland is dangerous for the physical health of the women. Sometimes abortion is necessary to be performed but ban creates the abortion procedure longer which creates serious emotional upset. In Ireland women and girls do not have much human right when they become pregnant.

Some of the major problem faces by Irish women:


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