Know the Best Fitness Equipment

Know the Best Fitness Equipment

When going to the gym for the first time, it can be quite overwhelming to be exposed to the vast assortment of fitness equipment. From the traditional treadmill to the fancy elliptical, and from the standard bench press to the variety of advanced weight machines, confusion can set in before someone even starts. So what is the best   best fitness watches under 200

fitness equipment? What is going to help someone reach those personal goals? The neighborhood gym offers more than just a sweat, it offers a multitude of paraphernalia that can target and tweak each and every strand of muscle fiber on the human body.

The local gym always has an array of different fitness equipment that targets the cardiovascular system. Besides the treadmills, usually there are ellipticals, bikes, Stairmasters, and row machines. Depending on personal needs and goals, the best equipment for an aerobic workout will vary.

Those individuals seeking a workout that is more forgiving for those achy joints, especially in the knees, the elliptical machine may prove to be the best choice. The combination movement of skiing and running allows the user to get their heart rate up without the constant pounding of their feet on the ground. An elliptical machine works with direct contact of the feet throughout the entire motion. In addition to the elliptical machine is the Stairmaster that also requires no pounding of the joints, as it more of a resistance exercise with the constant pushing down to propel the body upwards. Lastly, a biking machine can accommodate the needs of some individuals, however, if knee pain is a problem, a bike may encourage the pain as the legs are repetitively flexed beyond 90 degrees.

On the contrary, for someone that is more traditional, a treadmill and row machine may be the best choice. A treadmill will simulate normal running gate patterns at various speeds and inclines. A row machine will provide a cardiovascular workout that incorporates more than just the legs, as it will exercise the core and arms as well.

Beyond aerobic exercise, the gym also has a multitude of strength training fitness equipment that can accommodate a wealth of personal needs and goals. Usually, the gym will separate free weights and cam-powered weight machines. Although weight machines may be stereotyped as “girl machines” or “for the weak”, this misconception is absolutely incredible and invalid. Furthermore, free weights are not solely for males seeking to be body builders. Each could be classified as the best fitness equipment for strength training exercise.

Weight machines have an abundance of opportunity for any strength training individual. Weight machines allow the user to specifically target a particular muscle, and do not require a spotter. Newer machines even provide resistance throughout the entire range of motion, as in past designs the machines permitted the user to only receive true resistance at the beginning and middles stages of the movement range. Furthermore, some machines can be easier on joints and bones.


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