Martin Scorsese’s Greatest Films To Date  

Martin Scorsese’s Greatest Films To Date  

When discussing the greatest directors of all time, one person who is absolutely near the top of the list is Martin Scorsese. For decades, Scorsese has been churning out classic films and I don’t think he’s ever had a bad movie. It is truly remarkable that   raging bull slots,     such a legend did not win his first Academy Award for Best Director until The Departed.

But which of Scorsese’s great movies have been his best? Here are my personal top five favorites.

The first movie which I will mention is Raging Bull. This film was released in 1980, long after movies left the realm of black and white. But Scorsese returned to black and white for this movie, and I believe it was a better film because of it. Both De Niro and Pesci were amazing in this movie.

Another fantastic Scorsese film that I had only seen recently was Gangs of New York. This movie depicts the early days of New York City as most had never seen it before. Daniel Day Lewis and Leonardo DiCaprio are spectacular in this one.

In an interesting choice of filmmaking, Scorsese teamed up with his new Hollywood favorite actor, Leonardo DiCaprio to make a biopic on Howard Hughes. The film we are discussing of course, is the Aviator. This is a great movie.

One other fantastic movie which Scorsese directed was The Departed. This, of course, was the film that finally won him the Academy Award for Best Director. While I think earlier movies were well deserving of it (Goodfellas, Casino, etc), this movie was definitely a worthy candidate.


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