How to cure Puffy eyes at home

Have you ever woken up and looked in the mirror to find out that your eyes look like as if you cried all night long? Or your eyes get so puffy when you get back home from work that your spouse thinks you have been at the pub the whole day instead. Red, swollen eyes can make your life hard and it allows others to misinterpret and pass judgement on our lifestyle. This can also happen when you wear contact lenses for long periods of time. Therefore, whenever you choose a pair of contact lenses to wear, just make sure that you buy high quality one, just like from where you get top quality eyesight contact lenses in Pakistan of various brands like Dahab, Solotica, Bella contact lenses or Majestic lenses.

A little search and reading can help you determine the reason why you get puffy eyes, And, the easy remedies listed below make treating them very simple.

Why Puffy Eyes?

A diet which has a lot of salt is the most common cause of eye puffiness, Chronic sinusitis and allergies are also reasons for swollen eyes many times. Chemicals and irritants found in perfumes, makeup, and detergents can bloat the eyes as well. Moreover, the redness of the eyes can be caused by spending to much time in front of computer screens.

Usually, swollen eyes are just a temporary problem and it can be cured using simple items at home. They can also be taken care of by eliminating the substance and cleaning the eyes. Here are some useful tips to treat your puffy eyes before you go to work. The remedies suggested below contain items that are easy to locate and use.

Teabags from the Kitchen Cupboard:

Both green tea and black tea work well to relieve irritated, puffy eyes. They might be a little different in their effectiveness. Caffeinated teas reduce swelling by constricting blood vessels. The green or herbal teas contain anti-irritants that cures inflammation and redness.

Dip two bags of any tea you like in hot water for 3-5 minutes. Put them in the fridge and let them cool down to the comfortable temperature. Lie down on your back, close your eyes softly and place a tea bag on each eye. You can tie a soft cloth on your eyes as well.

Spoons from the Kitchen Drawer:

Spoons made of stainless steel fit your eyes perfectly and they can also help puffiness of your eyes. Place several spoons in the refrigerator for 5-10 minutes. Lie down on your back and close your eyes. Then place these chilled spoons curved side down on the eyes one after the other. Replace the spoon with another one from the fridge as it slowly warms. Keep repeating this process until your eyes get back to their normal size.

Cucumbers from the Refrigerator:

You must have seen someone lying down with face mask on and two slices of cucumber on each eye in the movies. That is because cucumber has curing and soothing qualities for the eyes. However, its astringent properties make the blood vessels to constrict. Lie down and place slices of cucumber on each eye and let it stay there for at least 10 minutes to reduce your eyeballs to the usual size.

Potato from the Food Basket:

You can use the normal potato as well to care for the puffy eyes. Tubers found in potato are known to have soothing properties that relieve headaches, painful joints and various other inflammatory conditions. Moreover, potatoes are also rich in starch which act as an

anti-inflammatory agent and ease up irritated puffy eyes.

Peel a potato, wash it and then dry it. Make fine slices of the potato place one on each eye. You can also grate the potato and make its poultice by tying it in the cloth and place it on the eyelids.

Egg whites from the Eggs:

Separate the white of a couple of eggs and whip it up until it gets stiff. Apply it on the area around your eyes with a soft cloth or clean brush. You will feel your skin getting tight in a few minutes and it will start to less like puff pastry.

Cold Water from the Fridge:

Eyes are often puffed up on the workday mornings when you have no time to luxuriate with cucumber slices and tea bags. In a situation like these, cold water will work like magic. Rinse your face and wash your eyes by letting the water get in the eyes as you splash the cold water. It will hardly take 10-20 seconds for the blood vessels to get constricted and reduce swelling.

Keep washing your face with cold water throughout the day to completely cure puffiness.

Drink More Water:

Water is the saving grace to reduce the swelling of the eyes. Make sure that you drink the required amount of water every day. Coffees, sodas, and fizzy drinks do not substitute for water. When you are dehydrated, your eyes develop water reserves around them. If you drink an adequate amount of water, the eyes will not bloat up to store water for them.

Salt from the Kitchen Spice Rack:

Pepperoni pizza, jumbo fries, and other salt-rich foods cause swelling of eyes. However, salt itself is good for the eyes. You can get rid of the swelled eyes by mixing a half teaspoon of salt in a small amount of warm water. Dip facial pads or cotton balls in the solution and dab the pads or cotton balls on the eyelids. Keep doing it till you get your deflated eyes.

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